Art director,
graphic designer
and artist.

I am Ariadna Sala Soler and I was born in Igualada, a small village near Barcelona.
I work as art director, graphic designer and multidisciplinary artist. Across these interconnected artistic disciplines I explore colors, shapes, typography, textures and composition to create harmonic, meaningful and honest projects. Creating is something that has always felt natural to me. I focusses on branding, advertising, packaging, conceptual communication, web design, art and photography.

I am constantly sharing, collaborating and working with passionate people to be inspired, and viceversa. I thinks that each project begins by understanding its essence and finding a concept that aligns with the brand strategy, while taking care of every aspect of the visual process.

After some years working for clients such as Hornimans, L’OR, Open Arms, Henkel, CND, Vichy Catalan, Nissan, Fira de Barcelona, Vueling, La Caixa, Yourgoodskin, Danone, etc; in advertising agencies such as Buzz, The Keen Folks, Y&R and TBWA I decided to start my journey as a Freelance.

I believe in the power of visuals to connect and make this world a better place.

My aesthetic approach is diverse, strongly inspired by nature and influenced by art.

You can take a look at my artwork here.

If you want to work with me contact via